Jul 16

Five Plants for Backyard Wildlife Backdrop

Plants for Backyard Wildlife BackdropThe presence of the park as a complement to the exterior of the home has many advantages for the owner. Besides being able to beautify your whole house, the garden also brings cool and fresh air intake for health.

Garden without plants is certainly not complete. But behind the shade of green foliage, plants apparently also functioned as an accessory worthy of a wall in the garden behind the house.

As a result, the views you’ll feel not only ‘a plain wall’, but rather the different nuances that make the garden look luxurious.

Here are five plants that you can apply as a backdrop garden behind the house.

1. Bamboo

mini bamboo wall garden

Lucky if you have a pool or a fish pond in the garden behind the house. To enhance the aesthetic value, the planting of bamboo with a number follow the pattern of a wall or hanging from your desires.

Keep in mind, Bamboo is a plant with the highest growth rate in the world, reportedly can grow to 100 cm in 24 hours.

However, this growth rate is determined from the local soil conditions, climate and species. The growth rate of the most common is approximately 3-10 cm per day.

If you are a person who is less painstaking in gardening, you should select the type of Fargesia bamboo. This is because growth is relatively slower than other types of bamboo.

2. Cactus

backdrop cactusWant to show a different style in the home garden? Try cactus that is synonymous with the country atmosphere of Mexico.

Plant cactus in the garden behind the house could be the perfect solution for those who live in neighborhoods with hot temperatures and dry. Moreover, if the theme of modern residential architecture, cactus able to merge into one slick combination.

3. Pine

backdrop pineMeanwhile, if you crave a cool view of the mountains, pine planted all over the garden wall is the best option.

Fir fans are easy to find anywhere, and flexible enough for creation as desired.

The tip, place the pine fan or lined up in rows between each other, to resemble a road divider.

If you put a row of cypress fan in front of the entrance, this plant can serve as directions as well as being the center of attention. Additionally, fragrant fir distinctive smell and will bring sanity itself.

4. Clematis

backdrop clematis

Types of climbing plants that have pretty flowers in blue, purple, pink, red roses, yellow and white, it is worth a try.

Some specific cultivars can grow up to 6 meters tall and live for 89 years.

Clematis requires full sun to bloom and cool shade for the roots to grow well.

5. Red Robin (Photinia)

This last plant is a herbaceous plant with bright red young leaves, and so are used as a barrier pretty garden.

Oval leaves that can reach a length of 10 cm, and will turn green when aging. The flowers are white and rather rare.

Jul 15

Tips Presented Butterfly in the courtyard of the House


The shady garden is certainly the hope most people who own a home. What if the green lawns into a shelter, a group of beautiful insects such as butterflies.

Yard of your home can appear more vibrant with the presence of the insect. But it’s not easy you know create ecosystems that are convenient to the butterfly.

You will need a few tricks before starting to design a butterfly garden. Check out some of the following ways:

Do some research

To invite the presence of butterflies to the home page, we must choose the type of flower and plant the right. Each area may have different temperature and humidity, for it does not hurt to do your research or consultation with a gardener to create a comfortable environment for the infestation of butterflies.


Butterflies are cold-blooded insects, so they will be looking for the location of the intake that gets sufficient sunlight. Create a butterfly garden that gets at least six hours of sunlight per day. According to David, butterflies also often lay their eggs under the bright light.

Shaded area

Trees and shrubs will provide shadow shade that protects Your butterfly garden. They will need a comfortable area from the wind and rain. Water is also being other elements that should be noted. Although he got the water intake and the dew and rain, but you still need to provide a humid climate suitable for home lawns.

Go green

Insects at home live in your garden, try to avoid chemicals like fertilizers, pesticides for sown to crops and flowers. These chemicals can kill insects, so that the butterflies will not want to linger in your garden. As an alternative, you can create your own anti pesticides from natural ingredients.

Type of plant

When planning to create a butterfly garden, know that there are two types of children that need to be planted. The first is an inviting nectar plant Butterfly adult while hunting for food. While the plant needed to be the host venue of the eggs and larvae rested.

The color and form of the plant is also a consideration that is no less important. “Generally butterflies are attracted by the flowers are red, yellow, Orange, pink and purple. And to suck nectar, butterflies will find blooming flowers which have a horizontal shape or the pipe is small.

Don’t get me wrong choosing different types of flowers, with bee, butterfly does not have to look for flowers with a fragrant smell like roses and jasmine. Instead, select the Hibiscus flowers, sunflowers, daughter of shame, as well as four in the Marigold flowers is easy to grow in the tropics.

Big Size Butterfly.

Butterflies that I put in this group is a butterfly which has a large wingspan between 5 – 8 cm, for example Black Butterfly (Great mormon), the butterfly Delias large Butterfly and so on medium-size which has a wingspan of between 3.5 – 5 cm, e.g. Buckeye butterfly and other Nymphalidae.

1. Pagoda Flowers (Clerodendron paniculata).

Pagoda FlowersPagoda Flower or general also referred to as interest rotheca serrata or Tumbak King, has a bright red color that is very interesting. The flowers are composed of many small flowers are layered and stacked up the shape Pagoda or Stupa. This plant is easy to invite the presence of a large butterfly to moderate, among other types of Papilio Memnon (Great Mormon / large black butterfly), Butterfly Delias (butterfly medium size with striped colors white, black, yellow and red ), Butterfly Catopsilia yellow (medium yellow butterfly).

2. Ornamental Distance Flower (Jatropha integerrima)

Jatropha integerrimaThe flowers are red and this neat, easily found on the builders of the plant, but a lot of that is the result of the connection with the trunk of the distance of the fence. This plant was a bit Gummy, yet very effective way to invite the presence of the large Butterfly among others of this type of Papilio Memnon (Great Mormon), Butterfly (Papilio demoleus) Orange, green-mottled Butterfly (Graphium Agamemnon), blue line Butterfly (Graphium sarpedon), the Hypanis Brown Butterfly (Euploea camaralzeman hypanis). Butterflies come visit these flowers generally have a high speed flap, so hard to follow with the naked eye.

Medium Size Butterfly

The butterflies that I put in this group are butterflies of medium size which has a wingspan of 3.5 – 5 cm.

3. Lanting Landa Flower (Lantana camara, Lantana hybrid).

Lanting Landa FlowerOriginally flowers growing in the wild is common, in addition to the bright colors are also very effective to invite the arrival of butterflies when we planted in our yard. Butterflies love this plant is from the type of the Nymphalidae, e.g. Hypolimnas medium-sized black with four white spots resembling light or blue neon lights, or the edges of the wings resembles lace. This Butterfly type happens to be very docile and has beautiful wings unfurled hobby for us to watch. So it’s easy to take the picture.

4. The tree of lemons, Limes and other Citrus Types.

The tree of lemons flowers

Planting an orange tree in the yard, very easy for us to invite orange butterflies (Lime Butterfly) came to the house. These butterflies come especially to lay their eggs on leaves turning orange. But at least we will be able to enjoy the charming attractions when fly low and slow around the orange tree. Butterflies orange color is generally ranged from Broken White, yellowish White , greenish-white, beige-brown to light brown – all in a line and black spots were charming.

5. Ratna Flowers (Gomphrena globosa)

Gomphrena globosaFlower bulb-shaped colored Ratna violet is also an avid flower visited various butterflies of medium-size and small, such as Buckeye Butterfly Butterfly Butterfly Butterfly small, yellow and white.

6. Paper Flowers (Zinnias).

Zinnia flowerZinnia flower is bright and highly colorful preferred different types of butterflies, from medium-size type Butterfly, Butterfly green line, blue line as well as other types of Nymphalidae.

9. Pelung Flower (Thunbergia grandifloris).

Thunbergia grandiflorisThis is a very common flower in Bali, but rarely I find in other areas in Indonesia. The color is dark blue, with a little yellow in the Center. These flowers are favored by type of Nymphalidae butterflies that are medium-sized, including both the Buckeye Butterfly blue, purple or brown.

Small Size Butterfly.

Butterflies that I put in this group is a butterfly which has a smaller wingspan less than 3. 5 cm and fly among flowers zig zag flowers and foliage. Most of these butterflies come from groups such as Hesperidaea and Gossamer-winged small blue butterflies, white or yellow.

10. Hibiscus

HibiscusHibiscus although the average size is large, it is very loved by butterflies kind of small, such as those from the class of Nymphalidae Hesperidae and small size.

11. Gardenia Flowers

Gardenia FlowersThe gardenia flowers are white and fragrant, very clean liked small butterflies.


Jul 14

7 Factors Before Making The Swimming Pool

Swimming became the sport of body which has now become a priority and a favorite choice of many people. Not only refreshing, but also good to shrink the stomach and increase height. For those of you who want a little privacy when swimming, making a pool at home can indeed be made an option.

The existence of the pool at home is not only beneficial to swim family members hobby, but also make Your dwelling feel airy and welcoming nature. The views are presented from the pool as the blue of the water and splash posed, giving the sensation of relaxing on your eyes. The more interesting when it’s swimming pool landscape views can be captured from within the House.

So many inspiring the design of the swimming pool, but you still need to reflect on the concept and the style of the House. Check out the 7 factors to consider when creating the pool.

The size and Layouthome swimming pool

The first thing you notice is the size of the pool and the availability of vacant land at home. If indeed the available land is not too big, it does not matter if a small swimming pool. Because the most important thing is how you work around. In addition, you also have to adjust the layout of the pool with the concept and the theme of the house. Because the effect on the layout of the main factors making the pool, so make a plan in advance.

Terrace/Pool Deck

The area around the pool is as important as the physical structure of the pool itself. One thing to note is the patio or pool deck. There are many ideas for you in making a pool deck. Some of them such as the wooden deck, floor with natural rocks, artistically arranged stone stepping value or even terraces that blends directly with home building. There are two important points related to this pool deck. First, the terrace is made must be anti skid and not slippery for the sake of maintaining the safety and comfort of you and your family. Second, the cleanliness of the pool deck. You can use a power washer in order to pool deck always looks clean and shiny. Because of the cleanliness of the pool terrace also affect your family’s comfort, isn’t it?


After determining the layout and the pool terrace, now is the time you determine the vegetation that can beautify your pool. If you want a natural atmosphere, give a natural touch by planting coconut palms, Cambodia, Erythrina Variegata red or banana fan to accompany Your tropical outdoor pool. But if you want to plant another tree, it doesn’t matter as long as in accordance with the concept and the theme of your home.

Water Depth

Not only the beauty of the outside of the pool, the physical state of the pool should also be heeded. One of them is the depth of the water. From the adult pool, where the water depth is 1.4 meter rate of up to 2 meters. You can combine the two to create a ramp as its separator. When you have kids at home, the level of the recommended water depth of about 0.5 meters.

Water and circulation

Water and the circulatory system also have its own effect. Make it overflow or water spills into the swimming pool, to add to the comfortable atmosphere and relax. As an alternative, you can use the structured Temple stones piled to the outskirts of overflow. You should also pay attention to the State swimming pool water after when worn. What is a little murky because the oil from the hair lotion, skin or even being left behind in the water. Just throw a tennis ball into the air, and fiber will directly absorb the oil left behind. Unique way, isn’t it?


There are several types of filters to choose from, so the plan from the beginning before making the pool. Because the filter that is used will be influential in the construction of buildings, and the structure of the pool itself.

The Height Of The Floor Surface

The next important thing to look for is the level of the height of the floor surface. Try the pool elevation not higher than pool deck. It is intended to maintain the comfort and safety of the family.

Jul 13

Butterfly Wall Sticker Design For Kid Bedroom

Butterfly motif is one of the motives of the most widely preferred by children, especially girls. Perhaps because butterflies instinctively assume the character like a girl who is equally gentle and likes to bring the beauty of the natural surroundings. The bedrooms are nuanced butterflies will bring an atmosphere of feminine and strengthen the interior space with the impression that funny and cheerful.

Therefore, it would not hurt for parents to please her children to design a bedroom nuanced butterfly using stickers. And here we will be presenting a 10 examples sticker motivated butterflies that will be very suitable to beautify the look of interior bedroom of your daughters.

butterfly motif for girl bedroom butterfly motif for girl bedroom butterfly motif for girl bedroom butterfly motif for girl bedroom butterfly motif for girl bedroom butterfly motif for girl bedroom butterfly motif for girl bedroom butterfly motif for girl bedroom butterfly motif for girl bedroom butterfly motif for girl bedroom

Jul 12

The comfortable living room design

living roomHave a cozy living room design is sure to become the dream of anyone, no matter however owned the House. But to earn a comfortable living area and will also have to adapt to a variety of factors, one of which is a matter of the design of the House itself. So, the design can look more in tune.

To create the design of the living room, convenience is not the only major benchmark. The comfort of homeowners has to be taken into account. Therefore, to taste, of course, should be tailored to the desires of homeowners because if customize guest desire certainly will be difficult. The living room does not need a large, but preferred comfort.

He’s a couple of tips in creating a comfortable living space design.

– The size or Area

For spacious living room can be customized with a spacious home. If it is not possible to have a spacious living room, then the narrow spaces still can be used in the living room.

– Position

We recommend that you take the most space in the living room. In addition to more convenient for guests arriving, it also gives comfort to homeowners to be able to keep their privacy.

– Color

For color selection can be customized with the mood of the House as a whole. But to evoke the impression of comfort, we recommend that you avoid dark colors. Instead, choose a bright color shade such as white, green, pink, blue, and more.

– Furniture

Choosing furniture for the living room should be done wisely and carefully. Choose furniture that doesn’t spend the room, especially if the existing living room already quite narrow. To create the impression of a larger room, select the table that is made of glass so that it is transparent.

– Unique Furniture

Instead of choosing furniture that impressed big and spend, it would be better if you choose furniture that has a unique design. So the guests will further focus on its uniqueness rather than with the narrowness of the room.

To complement the beautiful design and comfortable in the living room, it’s worth considering some of the things below:

  • Post a painting as a focal point can add to the beauty parlor.
  • Avoid restrictions or limiting either in the form of a wall or cupboard that is too large in order to make the room look more spacious and comfortable.
  • Large Windows can give a better lighting layout and create the illusion of the room more spacious.

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